A wide angle shot of two grooms embracing on their wedding day in a corridor

5 Tips for wedding photos you will love

Having incredible wedding photographs takes a little more effort than hiring the most expensive photographer you can find. Your input before booking, as your plan your day and on the wedding day itself, will have a massive impact on how much you love your wedding photos.

Two grooms walking hand in hand in the golden hour

1. Find yourself in a photographer’s portfolio

If you’re wowed by a photographer’s portfolio because all the couples in it have flawless skin, perfect bodies, and look amazing from every angle, what they have in common is good genes not the photographer’s skills! Yes, great photographers know how to light you and compose fantastic images, but they cannot make you look like someone else, and you shouldn’t want them to. Work with a photographer who includes people like you in their portfolio, whether that’s people who have a similar body type, sexuality, skin tone or are of a similar age. So much wedding media is aspirational, and you should of course want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, but please don’t start trying to be somebody else. You’re wonderful as you are.

A bride and groom in their 70s laugh as they sit together on a chair

2. Ignore the ‘Must Have’ lists

We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s the ‘Must have photos with your wedding party’, ‘Your must have getting ready shots’ or the ‘Must have couple portraits’, every other blog is telling you about the photos you need. The only people who can decide on essential images at your wedding are YOU! Yes, you may need guidance and advice, and yes you might see ideas and shots you want to try online, but these are guides and you have the final say.

An asian bride smiles at the camera during her wedding ceremony

3. Communication is key

Great photos happen when there is a rapport between you and your photographer. Make sure you find a photographer you feel you can share your insecurities with, and whose guidance and instruction you trust. Talk through the key concerns you have and ensure they understand what you want to see, and how you want to feel when you look at your wedding photos.

A black and white headshot of a bride looking down

4. Think about the vibe and style of your day

Certain styles and types of wedding photography coverage lend themselves to certain styles of weddings. Planning a large wedding with lots of animated guests? That will be a reportage photographer’s dream, as they can capture hundreds of candid and fun images that unfold naturally throughout the day. Wanting to spend lots of time posing with each other? An editorial-style photographer might be perfect for you. When it comes to the visual style, think about your preference for bright colours or muted tones, whether you want a vintage look to your day or something super modern.

Two brides lean in to each other and smile off camera

5. Factor in enough time for the images you want

Wedding photographers are well trained in working quickly and under lots of pressure, but certain images take longer to set up than others. If you want some images of yourself in your wedding outfit before the ceremony, then ask your photographer what time you’ll need to be ready by. Evening shots that utilise quickly changing light, such as the golden hour and sunset, also need to be planned so that your wedding timeline allows. We’re always happy to receive ad-hoc photo requests but cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time to capture them.




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