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Ah wedding photographers – there’s loads of us about, so how do you find the right one for your special day? It’s a little like asking how long a piece of string is, but below are a few things to look out for when choosing your wedding photographer.

How Will They Make You Feel?

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of booking a wedding photographer is finding someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can be open with regarding any issues of confidence and body hang-ups.

To start with, look for portfolios in which you could see yourselves fitting in perfectly. Whether that be in terms of body type, personality, ethnicity etc. Are they passionate about celebrating a diverse range of couples or is their website just full of model-esque bride and grooms?

Once you’ve found a photographer who showcases couples that you can identify with, arrange a chat over zoom or in person. Whilst you will have a range of quetions to ask potential photographers, you also need to listen to a ‘gut feeling’ and think about whether there was an instant rapport or not.

Think About the Vibe of Your Wedding

The type of wedding you are planning should also come into play when selecting your wedding photographer.

Visually, your wedding style may lend itself to a photographer’s editing style; whether that be modern and vibrant, monochrome, or a more vintage look.

Next consider the energy or you and your guests. An action-packed day with guests known to be the life and soul of the party will be ideal for a documentary approach, where lots of candid moments are captured. However, an intimate wedding with a quieter guestlist might not make for so many unscripted memorable moments and more traditional coverage may work better.

Assessing Skills

I understand that most couples are not experts in photography and don’t always know what to look for in terms of skill and quality of work.

At a certain point, you preferences will be down to personal tastes but you should always make sure that you look at a photographer’s use of lighting and composition, and get a sense of the consistency of their photographic output.

Can they capture beautiful shots in a range of weather and lighting conditions; from a bright sunny summer’s day to a dark church or a winter’s evening? Are couples placed in flattering light without harsh shadows across their faces?

Is there a consistent approach in their use of editing and colour? For example, do they showcase vibrant colours that really ‘pop’ or use muted tones? If the colours and tones change dramatically from one image to the next, this lack of consistency may mean you can’t be confident that your wedding photos will captured in a particualy cohesive style.

Don’t Get Talked into Making a Rash Booking

It’s easy to be talked into thinking that a photographer’s approach to shooting a wedding is the only way. However, there are many ways to capture the big day and a photographer who is confident in their skills and business model will not be rude or dismissive about the work of other photographers or try to convince you not to do your research properly prior to making a decision.

New Venues Don’t Pose a Problem 

Many couples ask me if I have shot at their venue before. It is a sensible question but this should never be a primary concern when selecting your photographer. If your photographer has demonstrated all of the above skills, they will have no problem shooting a new venue, and most (like me) will visit the venue beforehand to scope out all the best locations and assess the light qualities.



All of these tips (and plenty more) are discussed in detail in my wedding planning book entitled How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are and you can grab your copy on AMAZON today.





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