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You deserve to have a wedding that not only reflects but celebrates your unique qualities, regardless of whether you are marrying someone of the same sex or of different ethnicity and irrespective of your age, ability, body shape or any other  characteristic.

Whether you are a demure duo or a loud and proud pair, a curvaceous couple or silver-haired spouses-to-be, this book will help you to

Minimise feelings of wedding-related stress and anxiety

Make decisions based on your own values and priorities and not feel pressure from others to conform to their vision of ‘The Perfect Wedding’

Celebrate your individuality but not simply be different for the sake of it

Identify vendors who share your values and understand your story

Choose a photographer that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and help you to perfectly capture the beauty of the love that you have been lucky enough to find.


Reader Review

A must read for any engaged couples who are feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of wedding planning.

With easy to read chapters and a brilliant summary at the end of each, almost giving you a step by step guide to help you with the your wedding, you’ll find it hard not to read in one sitting.

Ross is incredibly candid about his own life and how he started out as a wedding photographer. This book is for ANY couples getting married. It does not discriminate or pigeon hole couples, it really does tell you how to have a wedding as individual as you are and I can’t wait to start recommending it.

Fred Foster (Amazon)

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About Ross Willsher

I’m Ross – a different kind of wedding photographer. One who is passionate about promoting body confidence, embracing individuality and pushing for greater representation of couples not celebrated enough by mainstream wedding media.  

Before I became a photographer, I worked with children who have additional needs and also worked for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Creating a personal connection with others is a huge part of being a photographer, and being trained in how to truly listen and make people feel comfortable in their own skin, is a skill I am immensely proud of.

How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are was created to address the frustrations my couples were facing when planning their wedding. Whether it was LGBTQ couples constantly reading about ‘bride and grooms’, normal-sized couples feeling inadequate when comparing themselves to model-type couples across wedding media, or a general lack of compassion shown by wedding suppliers for couples who were seeking a wedding that was a little outside of the ‘norm’, I  knew that I needed to create an inclusive resource to help couples like you plan a day that celebrates and embraces the wonderfully unique people that you are.

I can’t wait for you to read it and feel empowered to plan a wedding that is 100% reflective of who you are.

Reader Review

This book was a delight to read! Written by an author who is passionate about helping couples enjoy their special day, Ross’s values are evident throughout the book.

A must have for any couple looking for inspiration and guidance in their quest for a stress free, relaxed and joyful wedding!

Gavin Perrett (Amazon)

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