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A wedding photographer whose work you love and who you feel in totally safe hands with, is worth their weight in gold. However, we love it when you work with us and do you bit to ensure we get fanatatic images of you.

Here are a few tips for making sure your wedding photographer gets the best images on your special day. 


Be Organised 

Create a list of the group shots you want and share this with your photographer at least a week before the wedding day. 

Let your guests know in advance whether they are required to be in any group shots. This saves a lot of time rounding people up and avoids guest being surpised by this request and reluntact to join in. 


Commuicate any planned surprises 

If your day veers away from the traditional running order or you have a surprise planned for your guests or each other, make sure you let your photographer know in advance. Sometimes we need a bit of time to make sure we are in the best position and have the perfect settings dialled in to capture these memorable moments. 

This also applies if you’re wanting certain images such as a sparkler exit or creative night shots. Even if your photographer has these in their portfolio, do not assume they will craft these photographs if you haven’t explicitly requested them. 


Go Slow

There are certain moments where slowing down and enjoying the moment is really important. Walking down the aisle, being showered with confietti and of course that first newlywed kiss. The longer you take to enjoy these fleeting moments, the more chance your photographer has to capture them creatively. 


Be honest and open 

If you have any concerns whatsoever; whether it be timings on the day or body confidence issues, be open with your photograoher. 

We are here to make you look and feel amazing and welcome you sharing your insecurities and anxieties with us so we can put you at ease and capture you sensitively. 


All of these tips can be found in my wedding planning book ‘How to have a wedding as individual as you are’ which can be purchased via Amazon or Etsy (gift boxed version).  The book is also provided as part of my welcome pack for couples who book one of my all day wedding photography packages.



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