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When I meet couples planning their wedding, I hear lots of comments about wanting to be a bit different or deliberately incorporating or eliminating certain elements so that their wedding day isn’t like the last wedding they attended as a guest. I totally understand this – you of course want to make your wedding day your own. However, I believe that there is a huge difference between being true to yourself and being different for the sake of it. Below are four tips for ensuring that your wedding day reflects you perfectly and doesn’t stray from what is really important.


Don’t compare yourself to others

We hear this advice a lot, yet it seems increasingly hard to do heed in world where we are one click away from seeing everybody’s best features, achievements and experiences in all its glory.  Seeking inspiration is really useful during wedding planning but focus on what is important to you and the qualities in each other that you want to celebrate.


Be guided by personal tastes not current trends

Trends come and go; from fashion and venue decor to photography filters and editing styles. Don’t be so focussed on the season’s ‘must haves’ unless they align what suits you and is within budget. Think about when you are looking back on your wedding day five or ten years down the line. Whilst certain aspects will have naturally aged, you shouldn’t need to regret choices because they were made for the wrong reasons.


Be different if it suits you but don’t force it

Staying true to yourself is one thing, deliberately being different for the sake of it is a different ball game. Imagine not wearing your perfect outfit because it is similar to one your friend wore at their wedding? How would you feel having a cake you didn’t like the taste of because you felt your preferred flavours are common and not different enough? Doing things to deliberately be different, stand out and / or impress others does you a huge disservice. Go with your inner gut regardless of what others will think about your decisions.


Distinguish between supportive advice and people pushing an opinion

Everyone will have an opinion on how your wedding day should pan out. Some people will offer support and guidance based on a genuine interest in helping you have a wonderful day. Other advice will be coming from a place of judgement and forcing tastes and personal opinions on you,  When someone shares information or advice, think about the intention behind it before blindly following or ignoring what is suggested. Ask yourselves “Is this genuinely in my best interests?’ If you feel that it isn’t, then there is absolutely no need to heed the advice.  Also be aware that suppliers advice may come fro ma place of wanting to upsell their services and products. Again, check that what they are telling you aligns with your own priorities and preferences.


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This advice was taken from my book ‘How to have a wedding as individual as you are’. Click HERE to find out more.

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