Celebrating London Wedding Celebrants

Meet some of London and the South East’s finest Wedding Celebrants

Considering hiring a London wedding celebrant? That’s an awesome choice. Wedding celebrants enable you to plan a wedding ceremony that totally centres on your unique personalities and interests.

There are so many fantastic London wedding celebrants to choose from and so you’ll easily find a celebrant who you both connect with instantly. You might bond over a love of Harry Potter, a mutual obsession with drag queens or through a shared appreciation of Opera music.

You may also be looking for a London wedding celebrant who has a lived experience of planning an LGBTQ+ wedding, or who has a deeper understanding of being neurodivergent and can help plan a wedding that centres on accessibility. There really is a wedding celebrant for everyone.

Below, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite London wedding celebrants. Whilst not all the listed celebrants live in London, they all love to craft bespoke ceremonies for couples across London and the South East. They pride themselves on getting to know you as a couple first and foremost and will never deliver a cookie cutter wedding ceremony that is generic or yawn-inducing.

So, if you’re not into the traditional vows, and you are seeking to inject a huge dose of personality into your wedding nuptials, you might just find a kindred spirit in one of the awesome London wedding celebrants below.

London  Wedding Celebrants

The funky celebrant twirling her dress on a beach

Michelle Taylor – Funky Celebrant

A self-confessed nerd and lover of all things Hogwarts-related, Michelle Taylor (Funky Celebrant) crafts wedding ceremonies infused with personality. Michelle is a huge champion of diversity and works hard to make the wedding industry more inclusive.

London wedding celebrant Nat Raybould in front of the Moulin Rouge theatre in London

Nat Raybould – Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Nat is a wedding celebrant who has a sharp wit and an intristic talent for really getting down to the nitty gritty of what makes couples tick.  Her ceremonies are full of heart and joy, and she’ll feel like a close friend by the time you all gather together to commence your cermony.

Foxy Celebrant 11 1 scaled

Martin Fox-Roberts – The Foxy Celebrant

Want your wedding day to be filled with laughter? Looking for something that really makes your day memorable? Matin Fox-Roberts is a London wedding celebrant who can officate your cermony both as himself or as his drag alter-ego Maria Hurtz. If a little bit of camp, a little bit of cheek and a lot of laughter is your thing, Martin may be your man.

London wedding celebrant Kathryn Palmer SKillings smiling in front of a blurred London bus

Kathryn Palmer-Skillings – Humanist Celebrant

If your search for a London wedding celebrant is centred around finding someone who can really put you at ease and feel in safe hands, Kathryn Palmer-Skillings could be the celebrant for you. Kathryn has a calm and relaxed demeanor, is great company and will make you feel super comfortable on your special day. A london wedding celebrant who is every bit as lovely as she looks.

London wedding celebrant Mark Caffrey leaning over a stair railing with a brick background

Mark Caffrey – Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Mark brings kindness, courage and curiousity to every wedding he helps to craft. An avid reader and lover of books, Mark has a wealth of inspiration for your unique ceremony and will draw upon his experiences as an artist, performer and writer to make your  wedding ceremony memorable.


Choosing one of the many London wedding celebrants to offciate your ceremony can be a tricky decision. What makes a good celebrant and what are the things to look out for?

A good wedding celebrant has the ability to create a ceremony that celebrates your unqiue personalities and interests. Therfore, they need to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you both in order to develop an understanding of your relationship dynamic and personal stories. Thus, it is imperitive that any prospective celebrants that you chat with, ask lots of questions and are more conerned with getting to know you, rather than selling themselves.

Your perfect London wedding celebrant will also have an understanding of any specific needs that you or your guests have and will be able to cater and apadpt their services accordingly.

It’s really important to meet your wedding celebrant in person to get a true sense of whether you have a natural connection and rapport. Researching celebrants online is a fantastic idea, but this should be followed up with a chat – however foraml or informal that may be. Nothing can replicate gut instinct and chemistry.

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