Martin Fox-Roberts – London Wedding Celebrant

Whether you choose Martin or Maria (Hurtz – his drag alter-ego) to officate your wedding cermony, one things for certain; it’ll be entertaining from the word go! Martin is a warm and friendly guy who will have you shrieking with laughter within moments of meeting him. With a background in theatre, Martin knows how to put on a show, but also has a great understanding of how powerful words can be. Therefore you ceremony will be deeply personal, and there will be tears of emotion mixed in with those tears of laughter. You’ll feel like you’ve known Martin for years before your wedding day even arrives, and he’ll definately be a talking point with your guests for years to come. 

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Get  to know Martin…

Be true to yourselves. Don’t be out to impress others.

Martin Fox-Roberts - Wedding Celebrant

Tell me your celebrant story – how did life lead you to becoming a wedding celebrant?

It was during lock down thinking about how my work as an interpreter would pan out and how to amour myself with a new skill – I discovered Celebrancy and decided to train.

What does ‘love’ mean to you?

To put other first, to keep them safe and protected. To allow space and freedom for development and creativity. To be loyal, to be a rock, to create a safe space, a home. To allow for mistakes and to celebrate successes. To pull up and hold up that person you love – never to pull them down. Love is to admit, especially when you’re wrong. To always think of the needs of your loved one and to never let them down .

What do you bring to the role of a wedding celebrant that noone else does? 

Humour, to get couples to think about their wedding in a different light. I’m also still discovering what I can bring.

Why do you recommend that couples have a celebrant-led ceremony?

There is so much more freedom of choice and that couples can have the wedding they truly want.

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My most memorable wedding ceremony to date is…

I’ve only done a few so far. But out if those it’s probably the funeral which I did…

If I wasn’t a celebrant I’d probably…

Open a nail bar

Tell us something no one knows about you…

I’m an open book – everybody knows everything about me.

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