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Looking for a wedding celebrant with a fabulous sense of humour, a vibrant personaility and a huge love of Harry Potter? Michelle Taylor (known – for good reason – as the Funky Celebrant) is the woman for you. MIchelle is a fantastic LGBTQ+ ally and works hard to champion all aspects of diversity in the wedding industry – so much so she also trains other professionals in how to be more inclusive.  Michelle exudes warmth and instantly makes you feel special and celebrated. You and your guests will definitely need tissues at your Michelle-led wedding ceremony, as there are guarenteed to be tears of emotion and laughter.

Wedding celebrant Michelle Taylor pointing a t the camera

Get  to know Michelle…

I bring the funk, the nerd, the story telling, the comedy…the red fro and DM boots!

Michelle Taylor - The Funky Celebrant

Tell me your celebrant story – how did life lead you to becoming a wedding celebrant?

In 2009 my husband retired from the police, and twiddled his thumbs for about 18 months before falling into wedding photography. I was due to retire from the police myself in 2015 and decided that I was going to have a plan (not quite a 5 year plan, but a plan nevertheless) I fancied marrying people for a living! ( I can’t take a photo to save my life and despite hubby saying he’d teach me, I was like…nah you’re alright) So… I knew I couldn’t be a Registrar as that was a conflict of interest work wise. I wasn’t a non believer so ruled out training as a Humanist and kind of stumbled across the organisation I trained with and completed my certification in July 2011. It was a slow burn…1 job in my first year became 2 in my second and by the time I retired in 2015, my name was established, but more importantly, people were starting to hear about celebrants and the options we provide. I haven’t looked back since! I now train for the organisation I trained with, and love the little niche I have carved out for myself in the wedding world.

What does ‘love’ mean to you?

Love means many things, it’s the all encompassing feeling of not being able to live without a significant other…which in time mellows to a comfortable easiness, and companionship, when you know each other so well you can almost read each other’s minds. It’s the deep rooted desire to almost lay down your life for your kids and beloved pets… probably more so for the pets …lol. It’s wanting to keep everyone safe, warm and happy and because I am feeder, I will shower you with my love by feeding you good food and plying you with gin

What do you bring to the role of a wedding celebrant that noone else does? 

I bring the funk, the nerd, the story telling, the comedy…the red fro and DM boots! I research to a level few others do, for instance I worked out the star date ( as in Star Trek) to the exact hour and date for a wedding I was conducting…told you I bring the nerd! I’m a Harry Potter nut, a Marvel geek and a Lego builder. There isn’t much geek that will pass me by and I love to bring all the passions a family or couple have into the ceremony to truly create something special. I put effort into my appearance ( there are many who don’t ) I put my heart and soul into creating something magical and deliver it with aplomb.

Why do you recommend that couples have a celebrant-led ceremony?

Simple….Choice! Your personalities, your passions are all woven into a ceremony that reflects you. Nothing is off limits ( with the right celebrant for you). The right celebrant will get to know you, work with and for you, involve you in the creative process and go above and beyond to ensure your day is truly epic. Whether it’s a big or small celebration, your ceremony will be perfectly created delivered in a way that suits you and your style.

Michelle Taylors rainbow Dr Martins boots
Michelle Taylor's 'La" necklace

My most memorable wedding ceremony to date is…

The hardest question to answer…because each ceremony brings something different to make it memorable. I had the ceremony at Villa Del Balbienello in Italy…The sights…wowsers! Then I had the ceremony where Harry Potter met Marvel, Lego and Top Trumps ! I wore wizarding robes, ‘arrived by portkey’ and we celebrated a union with Infinity Stones, an unbreakable vow and a Lego building contest and a game of Top Trumps. I’ve conducted a ceremony live on TV in front of millions ! (Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway) …so as you see…I can’t choose one above the other!

If I wasn’t a celebrant I’d probably…

Be an educator …it’s my other passion!

Tell us something no one knows about you…

I once swam the channel ….well ok not THE channel, but the distance in the safety of a swimming pool for charity.

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