Ross & Heidi return! 

WIth news of several successful Covid vaccines emerging in the past few weeks, we kick off season 5 of the podcast with some much needed hope and optimism. Whilst we don’t know when weddings will be back in all their large-scale glory, we are feeling confident that smaller weddings will be able to resume in 2021 and so we share with you what can make intimate weddings so wonderful. If you’ve had to reduce your guest numbers, don’t despair as there are so many positives to planning your intimate wedding and in this show we list them all. 

We also get to share our brand new feature ‘Big Day Balls Ups’ (complete with a cheesy jingle) where we share some wedding day bloopers that still make us laugh years later. We’d love you to share your big day balls ups too, so do follow us on instagram ( and DM us your stories. 

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