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We’ve all done it haven’t we? Taken a selfie and, spotting something we see as less than perfect, feel we need a quick fix. With a swift click or swipe of our finger we can brighten our eyes, smooth out our skin or make the image look like it was taken in a bygone era. We can even slim down our waistline or turn ourselves into animals. It’s all good fun and doesn’t really do any harm surely? Except, doesn’t it perpetuate the idea that we need to alter how we appear to the outside world in order to feel acceptable? Is it not enough just to be ourselves?

If a quick filter makes you feel more comfortable putting yourself out there, and raises a little bit of self-esteem, then I’m in no way saying you should stop. At the same time, please remember that a huge percentage of the images you see are also heavily filtered. Whether its an influencer making you believe their healthy glow is down to a product they are paid to advertise, or a celebrity taking a supposedly totally candid photo, the reality is that a heavy amount of editing and photoshopping has taken place prior to posting.

Bridesmaid and father of the bride react ot seeing the bride in her dress

Never compare your unfiltered life to the highlights reel that is social media.

But what about professional photography? How much editing is deemed acceptable and when does a photograph become less about the capture and more about the processing that has been done to it? When it comes to your wedding, how much do you want your day captured as it unfolds as opposed to how others feels it should look?

Personally, I feel strongly that your wedding photos should be enhanced but not manipulated. My editing process is about making colours pop but keeping them true to life. After all, if you’ve spent months finding perfectly coloured outfits, a specific tone of flowers and a venue with a distinct look and feel, why would you want a filter applied to your images that removes all the unique characteristics of these carefully thought out elements?

Wedding rings on a wooden table

It’s also important to remind yourself that timeless wedding photography is produced by focussing on authentic emotions and interactions, and is in no way dependent what the weather is doing on your big day. Therefore, there is no need to add filters or photoshop presets to make your day look more sun-kissed or exotic (or indeed more moody and dramatic).  As long as happiness, joy and love are at the forefront of your day, specific weather phenomenons need not be.

Your wedding day is also a truly unique occasion and will be different to every other wedding that has taken place before it. Why? Simply because there is no-one else like you. Imagine planning a wedding that totally celebrates you, only for your photographer to add a filter that makes it look like everyone else’s special day?



Filters and editing presets also change constantly with evolving trends. This can make your wedding images looking very dated very quickly. Whilst wedding photographers can change the filters they use as styles evolve, your wedding images will look the same in 5, 10 and 20 years time. Please make sure you are not being swayed by a current fad.

In summary, there is no right or wrong way to capture and edit a wedding, and filters are not inherently bad. But if you want to take the bold step away from hiding behind a filter and celebrate your true wonderful self, then do get in touch. I will keep you safely in your comfort zone during the capture process, and this will totally eradicate the need for heavy photoshopping in post-production.

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