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Call me biased, but as an Essex wedding photographer, I believe that there’s no better place in the world to get married.

However, regardless of whether you celebrate saying “I do” in a luxury wedding at Gosfield Hall, an extravagant party at Hedingham Castle or an intimate celebration at Houchins, it’s important that you feel relaxed, confident and comfortable in front of the camera. No amount of beautiful Essex scenery can distract from uncomfortable grimaces and cheesy posing. In fact, this is true regardless of where you are getting married (and I shoot across the UK including London, Dorset, Surrey & Wales this year alone).

Two brides cut their wedding cake

Wherever you are getting married, my feel-good approach to wedding photography will have you feeling super relaxed as I capture images infused with natural smiles and laughter . For a long time, I hated having my own photograph taken (I still do on bad hair days). So, I totally understand that you might be feeling a bit apprehensive about how you and your fiancé are captured throughout your Essex wedding day.

Let me assure you that, you do not need to be supermodels to love how you look in your wedding photographs. Nor do you need to spend hours trying to perfect elaborate and awkward poses. With me, your wedding is photographed beautifully whilst you remain firmly in your comfort zone.

No stress. No cheese. No cliches.

As a result, your gallery of wedding images will capture all of the unscripted magical moments your special day will undoubtedly feature; from your nervous smiles as you walk down the aisle, and the “We did it!” grins as you are showered in confetti, to the epic dance moves your wedding guests will unleash after those heartfelt and hilarious speeches.

Guest make some shapes on the dance floor at an Essex Wedding


Whether you are planning a low-key Essex wedding, a laughter-filled LGBTQ+ celebration in London, a wonderfully unique UK wedding or are a couple who goes gooey inside when viewing those delightful destination nuptials, I offer one simple guarantee.

Full refund and a complimentary anniversary or couple shoot for the first three years of marriage, if you are unhappy with how you look in your wedding photographs.

gallery: TEN OF MY FAVOURITE Essex WEDDING photos

From coastal views on the River Crouch, to leafy scenic views across Maldon and Saffron Waldon, here are some of my favourite images captured in Essex (plus a few from further afield across the UK).

I love combining reportage wedding photography that captures unposed moments, with romantic portraits of you on your special day. How many images of each type I take as your wedding photographer is totally up to you and we work around what you feel comfortable with.

A couple pose by the river at sunset
A couple, their horse and their dog
Two grooms pose under a cloudy sky
A bride and groom stare into each other's eyes in a corn field on their wedding day.
A wide angle shot of a wedding ceremony in a cathedral
A bridesmaid flies through the air to catch the bouquet
Three wedding guests laugh at something on the screen of a mobile phone
A bride smiles in her hotel room during bridal prep. A wide angle image from a distance.
A silhouette of a bride and groom
a bride limbos on her wedding dance floor


Essex is a county made for romantic photoshoots, and when you book me as your wedding photographer, there’s no time limit on how long we spend together capturing portraits of you as a newlywed couple. If you can’t decide between having stylish, editorial photographs taken alongside the modern architecture of Chelmsford City or amongst the stunning nature found in Hylands Park, let’s simply hop in the car and shoot at both locations.

As your Essex wedding photographer, I also fully understand that it may take some time for you and your loved one to fully relax in front of the camera, so a walk and talk to get to know each other and settle those nerves is always a feature of my shoots. A chilled stroll through an Essex park or via a bustling city town centre provides ample opportunity to build a connection that’s far deeper than just photographer and clients.

By the time I’ve connected my lens to my camera body and dialled in my aperture settings, I will have taken the time to listen to your concerns and understand any insecurities you have.  You’ll leave your wedding or engagement shoot feeling fabulously confident and delighted that you’ve found a photographer you can be yourself with.

A couple look out to the London Eye


Whilst I’m originally from the Cotswolds, Chelmsford is now the place I call home and I shoot the majority of my weddings in Essex and across London.

What is always evident on my shoots across Essex and the South East, is how beautifully diverse our country is and how much freedom couples have to express themselves and their love for one another. This freedom to live and love authentically is exactly what I celebrate in my work as your wedding photographer.

There will never be any pressure to look or act in a way that does not feel natural to you. Want to be photographed in front of Colchester Castle but really aren’t the hand-holding type? Not a problem. Dreaming of a romantic photoshoot in Leigh-on-Sea but aren’t the kissing on camera kind? Absolutely no pressure from me.

Whether you’re planning on exchanging rings in a religious-led ceremony at Boreham House or looking to swap self-written vows at Creeksea Place Manor House, your comfort is as important to me as my creativity. Once I’ve taken the time to really get to know you both, eradicate any worries, and set expectations for your Essex-based wedding shoot, we can then work collaboratively to capture those joy-infused photographs.

Perhaps I’ll slow down my shutter speed so that your photos show you frozen in time, as a blur of people walk past you. Maybe I will photograph you casually strolling across Galleywood common as Essex residents pause to admire your newlywed glow.

Both on your pre-wedding shoot and on your wedding day itself, I guarantee that you’ll have images that encapsulate your true personalities, whilst also showcasing your favourite Essex locations.

The wonderfully diverse county of Essex fully embraces individuality and so do I. Never will I ask you to be anything other than 100% yourselves.

your essex wedding beautifully photographed

Essex offers an unrivalled choice of wedding venues. You can exchange rings in the breathtaking surrounds of Leez Priory or choose to share your first kiss surrounded by the stunning natural scenery of Gaynes park.

After something more historic? The Old Rectory at in Brentwood might just be the wedding venue you are looking for. Alternatively, follow in the footsteps of thouands of happily married couples by hosting your Essex ceremony at Newland Hall.

Regardless of your choice of wedding venue, I’ll be there to photograph each moment faithfully and authentically. What does that mean? It means that on the day, I’ll take a predominately reportage / documentary approach; photographing events as they unfold naturally and only intervening when quickly composing the group shots or setting up my off-camera flash for some nighttime portraits.

It also means that when editing your images, I won’t lazily cover them with generic and faddy filters or tacky Photoshop presets. After all, if you’ve spent the last 18 months finding bridesmaids dresses in the perfect shade of blue, why would you then want me to edit your images so heavily that they look a totally different shade in your wedding photographs?

Book me as your Essex wedding photogrpher and I can guarantee that your photos will be sensitively enhanced, fully rendered and optimised for use both online and in print, whilst still accurately depicting all of the vibrant colours, real emotions and diverse personalities your Essex wedding day will be filled with.

A groom lies across his best men and ushers

Reasons to Relax

You'll have the wedding photos that mean most to you

Some of Essex’s best wedding photographers can get bogged down by kit and technical jargon and can end up treating your wedding as a fashion shoot.

They can be more interested in being an award-winning photographer, than taking the time to find out which images will resonate most with you on your wedding day.

Being an Essex wedding photographer for me is not about winning awards. It’s all about winning your trust and creating photography that makes your souls light up and that will make your hearts glow for years to come.

you'll never have to leave your comfort zone

I’m not the type of Essex wedding photographer who will force you to step outside of your comfort zone just to get a ‘thrilling’ shot. Neither will I make you try to live up to unrealistic standards, or conventional ideas about how you ‘should’ look or feel on your wedding day.

So whether you’re a couple who love the camera, or a pair for whom the thought of professional photography fills you with dread, please relax.

All you have to do is be 100% yourselves; because, quite frankly, you’re awesome just as you are.


When you choose me as your wedding photographer, I’ll shower you with gifts and advice and I will always be at the end of a phone or email should you have a wedding planning wobble!

You’ll receive a free copy of my wedding planning book which is packed with friendly advice about all aspects of planning your wedding.

You’ll also receive a welcome pack with helpful timelines, checklists and handy tips to take all the stress out of wedding planning. It’s my way of thanking you for putting your trust in me and helps to ensure you have the most stress-free experience possible.


In my quest to be the best Essex wedding photographer there is, I present a fortnightly podcast called Your Individual Wedding.

Each episode features a range of trusted wedding suppliers sharing their tips to help couples just like you to plan the special day you both dream of.

So if you’re still searching for that perfect videographer, can’t find that awesome celebrant, or need inspiration for your bridal dress or wedding outfit, simply subscribe to the podcast.

Wedding photographers are one of the few suppliers that get to see the whole wedding journey, and therefore I get to know which suppliers will also help to make your day magical. I can guarantee that if they’ve been on the podcast, they’re worth checking out.

The back of sparkly blue wedding shoes with gold-encrusted heels


When your Essex wedding day arrives, I’ll turn up equipped not only with my full photography kit (including spare camera bodies, lenses, batteries and memory cards), but also my ‘Peace of Mind’ pack.

It’s filled with useful items to help provide peace of mind on your special day, so you can concentrate on enjoying every second; from the preparations to the first dance.

Have the beautiful bridesmaid bouquets and glorious table centrepieces triggered your hayfever? Not a problem, I’ve got tissues and allergen tablets.  Had one too many glasses of champagne at the post-ceremony drinks reception? Relax, I’ve some got painkillers for you.

I make it my mission to ensure you have the most stress-free and fun-filled wedding day possible.

I’ll even supply clear umbrellas and wellies if the good old Essex weather isn’t looking good. If that happens then please don’t worry, it’s a wonderful opportunity to have fun and get really creative! Come rain or shine, I’ve got your back.

Having spent three years at college in London, intensively studying (and being critiqued on my own) photography, wedding-specific challenges such as low light, bad weather or limited time only result in me raising my game and producing something truly magical.

Two grooms pose with umbrellas

Most Essex wedding venues also have endless locations for shooting in and / or sheltering from less than ideal conditions. How about warming up with a cuddle under a stunning staircase, or getting arty with some portraits in a grand entrance hall?

Good old Essex eh? Even when it is wet it is still wonderful!

So whether you’re based in Essex, or live further afield (destination weddings are also always something I’m happy to be part of), contact me now to get that ball rolling on creating memories of your (guaranteed to be) incredible wedding day.

Oh, by the way; I do a little happy dance when your message hits my inbox and always get back to enquiries within 24 hours.

The reason for this super speedy response is not just because I pride myself on being an Essex wedding photographer with exceptional customer service, it’s also because I’m genuinely excited about meeting new couples and finding out about their plans (some might call it being nosey)!

You are one click away from making my day (and from me making yours super special too).

Kind Words



Frequently Asked Questions


No. I have spent many years learning and developing my photographic skills and continue to grow and incorporate new ideas and techniques year on year. Specialising purely in photography enables me to deliver a high-quality service and focus on delivering images that truly reflect the individuality of the couples I am lucky enough to work with.

I know a variety of excellent videographers who I am always happy to recommend and work alongside on the day. There are some UK and Essex-based wedding photographers who offer to film all or part of your day, in addition to providing photographic coverage; please do ask to see examples of their work beforehand to ensure that this a genuine element of their skillset and not simply a way of them securing or up- selling your booking.


As a gay man it’s incredible that I can now capture weddings for members of the LGBTQ community and I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I am shooting more LGBTQ weddings every year. I also feel strongly that it is really important that LGBTQ couples find it easy to identify and book inclusive wedding suppliers for their special day as the wedding industry in general is a little bit slow when it comes to embracing and celebrating diversity.

I therefore make a conscious effort to ensure that all prospective clients know instantly that I run a business based on inclusion and welcoming all members of society.

Does this mean I don’t shoot or don’t enjoy shooting straight couples? Absolutely not!! Who you love, how old you are, what you look like or what your faith is have no impact on the customer service you receive from me. As I have said elsewhere, all I ask from my couples is to be 100% themselves so I can beautifully capture who you are and not who you think you should be.

Everyone is welcome and will be made to feel so.


It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research and look at a few wedding photographers before deciding who you want to capture your wedding day. However, you’ll quickly discover that prices can vary greatly. There’s the £500 photographer and the £5000 photographer – who is right for you?

Rather than questioning why a photographer is more or less expensive than the previous website you visited, try to look deeper than simply the number of photos you receive or what is included in a particular package.

Your photographer will be with you for the entire day and they will be responible for how comfortable you feel in front of the camera. Do you want any old photographer who puts in you in generic poses, just takes all the standard shots and walks away as soon as your time is up?

When you book me, you aren’t just receiving a set of images. You’ll have someone on hand to help you create the best wedding experience possible. Someone who will treat you like individuals and use their creativity to produce wedding photographs that reflect who you truly are.

You’ll feel relaxed, fantastic in your own skin, and in years to come you”ll look back on wedding photographs filled with authentic emotions, natural smiles and memories of a day that centred on celebrating your love and not building someone else’s professional portfolio.

What price do you place on that experience?


I have been in the industry long enough to know a great collection of professional photographers in my area who are happy to be contacted at the drop of a hat, should I not be available on the day.

I will endeavour to find a replacement of a similar style and approach. It takes a lot to keep me from a wedding though (no man-flu fears here).


I have photographed at many venues across Essex, London and the UK but if I have yet to shoot at your wedding venue that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Photographing a venue for the first time allows me to see things with fresh eyes and come up with creative ways to work within the grounds and buildings. I always love to visit new venues with my couples beforehand to plan where we can take some stunning images and come up with lots of exciting shot ideas.  Do not let lack of venue experience put you off booking a photographer that in all other ways seems perfect for you.


Hooray! That’s my favourite question to be asked. Booking is very straightforward, and can all be done online. Once you have decided that I’m the man with the cam for you, I will send you three documents; an invoice, a booking form, and a wedding contract. Once the invoice has been paid, the booking form completed, and the contract signed it’s official! I’m all yours for the date of your wedding.

A bride poses under the archway at Ye Olde Plough House
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